Iris Schmidt Koopmann

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Public Message

I´m deeply grateful to Marshall B. Rosenberg, to Carl Rogers, to Richard Schwartz, I'm inspired by the School of Lost Borders, the Way of Council, the sharp thinking of Miki Kashtan, the clear and hopeful words of Charles Eisenstein, the Earth connected words of Starhawk and Robin Wall Kimmerer, the commitment of Joanna Macy….and all the truthful and authentic people that accompanied me up to this day, who accept messiness and complexity of life and are not discouraged, who still see the beauty in us human beings and seek and ask for help when it is just too much to bear peacefully.


During a vision quest I realized that the solitary trees had to make themselves seen so that I could find their shade. I do the same now: make myself seen so that people with curiosity and open questions can ask me to talk about or practise NVC with them. I have adapted courses to their needs and schedule. Recently I offer Empathy Walks, time outside in small groups where we get a sense of the power of empathy and practise listening skills. In Spain about 8-10 people can come, stay at my house and together we experiment: with exercices drawn from NVC, others in the spirit of Joanna Macy’s “The Work that Reconnects”, around nature awareness, combined with service to the land. I would love to offer alternatives to how we house each other, construct shelters that are less invasive to the surrounding to support connectedness with nature, care and understanding.



On my longer bike trips equipped with a tarp or a small tent I never felt lonely...Sensing my body strength, feeling the wind, the cold or the heat, being so accessible to the landscape around me I feel belonging...I belong to this planet, I have a right to be here and I have a responsibility to respect, to honour and to consider all other life forms. In that sense I consider myself a guardian, wanting to give back, wanting to regenerate (Daniel Christian Wahl). I want to support me and other people in learning the “grammar of the animated” (Robin Wall Kimmerer).

Experimenting with living and travelling as a bike nomad between Spain and Germany I discover safety that is fueled by trust and supporting relationships. I can only take with me what I need, not more, and I wish not less.

I spend half the year in rural Spain, connected to Earth and half the year in Southern Germany, more connected to an energy of ideas and initiatives, a more airy energy.

In Spain, nested in nature, I offer longer stays where women can regenerate, help regenerate the land (through rainwater harvesting, humus generation, bee keeping, gardening..), experience tribe and belonging, where they can speak their truth in circle & council, speak for their parts, not from them, learn and practise needs consciousness and find ways to thrive, root, find wholeness & heal, in order to step back into their lives with their voice.

In Germany I work with a group of people around Economy of the Commons/Gemeinwohl Ökonomie (Christian Felber), offer 1-to-1 counselling (with my background as an IFS therapist and NVC trainer) and NVC courses to a wider public.



Can you imagine how you might feel when you internalise that you are not separated, that you are not alone, that you are connected to a woven network of life, that you are part of a vibrating network of relationships? I wish to fill the words “Interdependence” and “Interbeing” (Thich Nhat Hanh /Charles Eisenstein) with a felt sense of meaning, make it part of my bones, not just an intellectual understanding. I am particle and I am wave, manifested in a body and part of a bigger field of energy. My Lonely-Wolf-part is moving towards and inviting in the pack. I would like to support people in having that experience so that finding strategies for looking after their needs will naturally include the needs of other living beings. I believe in the power of gratitude that allows me to see the beauty, stay rooted and open up to power-with instead of power-over. I can not do that alone.