Sage Knight

Certification Candidate

Topanga, CA 90290
United States

Areas of Interest
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Youth Programs
Spoken Languages
Public Message

Sage Knight is a speaker, author, artist, and mother of two.

Her wellbeing articles have appeared in multiple Los Angeles based magazines and two local newspapers published over 200 of her Living Well columns. In 2016 Sage was a panelist for TEDx LA Women on the topic of violence in sexual terminology.

Sage brings over thirty years of training and expertise in health and well-being, spirituality, and nonviolence fields to the table. In 2019, inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s socially transformative communication work and concerned with the level of escalating violence and desensitization in mainstream culture, she began offering NVC to women and college students.

Currently a CNVC certification candidate, Sage is creating earth-based self-empathy practices and curricula designed to dissolve imposed domination-culture conditioning, and access innate, life-affirming wisdom. She is available for speaking, private sessions, and group facilitation. 

Sage resides in the Santa Monica Mountains surrounded by Nature, wildlife, and a feline companion. For more info and to contact Sage, please visit: or +1-818-264-6163. 



To provide spaces of restoration, including self-restoration, where external values dissolve and are replaced by natural wisdom.


A world where all beings live in harmony with nature, natural rhythms, and divine interning.