Thayna Meirelles

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Certified trainer, Thayna has lived and shared Non-Violent Communication for 6 years. She founded Konekti ( to carry out his mission of contributing to a society with more empathy, authenticity, care, and responsibility.

She has a PhD in Science by the University of São Paulo, is a conflict management and mediator and a facilitator of circular processes. Her trajectory working with empathy and with the Person-Centered Approach began in 2011, when she became a volunteer at the Center for Valuing Life (

She works as a NVC trainer and coach for people and groups, a dialogue facilitator and conflict mediator and wrote an illustrated NVC book (

She is also a Focusing therapist and offer sessions where she sums Focusing, NVC and Internal Family System approach to potentialize the therapeutic work.

More than 4000 people have already gone through their NVC courses and training.