Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network (RMCCN)

Empowering Compassionate Relationships
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Bringing Compassionate Communication and NVC to the Rocky Mountain Region and the world.  Originally founded in 2009, RMCCN and our team are devoted to nourishing skills and consciousness that enables us to empower compassionate relationships and build community.  Practice groups, training, resources, community, and more!  And Giraffe Talk for kids!


Empowering compassionate relationships.

  • Enriching Life by promoting Empowerment:
    • Promoting Empowerment by supporting clarity, personal response-ability, and life-serving choice;
    • Promoting Empowerment by seeking truth, authenticity, and self-expression;
    • Promoting Empowerment by listening to aliveness and awakening natural giving.


  • Enriching Life by modeling Integrity:
    • Modeling Integrity through the alignment of needs and actions;
    • Modeling Integrity through encouraging authentic expression grounded in mutual respect.


  • Enriching Life by providing Care:
    • Providing Care by consistently working to be efficient with all of our resources;
    • Providing Care by maintaining practices that express and nurture competence and sustainability.


  • Enriching Life by cultivating Community:
    • Cultivating Community by encouraging diversity and honoring interdependence;
    • Cultivating Community by providing mutual support and companionship;
    • Cultivating Community by supporting growth and transformation.


  • Enriching Life by welcoming Celebration:
    • Welcoming Celebration with joy, grace, and wonder;
    • Welcoming Celebration with enthusiasm, playfulness, and humanness;
    • Welcoming Celebration with love.

A world where everyone’s needs are honored and people are empowered with skills to cultivate peace.