Martin Staude

CNVC Certified Trainer in NonViolent Communication (NVC)

34000 Montpellier

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In a nutshell:

  • Certified Trainer in NonViolent Communication (NVC®)
  • Accredited Practitioner in Individual Counseling with  NonViolent Communication (AI-CNV®)
  • Therapist in Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy
  • Life Coach for NVC and relational intelligence in the personal and professional domain
  • Conflict mediator for couples, teams, and families
  • Mindfulness and meditation practitioner (Nalanda monastic university)
  • Sociologist and economist (PhD and MA from university of Berlin)
  • Consultant in business and international development cooperation

Individual sessions (therapy, coaching, mediation) also via Skype, Zoom, or phone.



My areas of activity:

I currently choose to focus my activities on what I consider the core of human life: supporting people and teams to develop the inner qualities and relational skills to experience more awareness, cooperation, kindness, authenticity, peace, and meaning in their professional and personal lives. I do this in three areas:

  • NVC trainings & workshops: I conduct trainings and workshops in NonViolent Communication (NVC) for the general public and for teams within organizations or companies. I share pragmatic, effective and humanistic tools so that participants can learn a lucid, kind, and honest type of communication and consciousness that promotes cooperation and peace. My pedagogic vision as a trainer is to support participants to awaken the richness that is already within them and to realize their full potential in their professional and personal life aspirations. The pedagogy in my trainings is practical and experiential in the sense that the place for theory and explanations remains limited to leave more time for concrete experiences and interactive, sometimes playful exercises. 
  • NVC coaching in the field of personal and professional development: in individual sessions and using NonViolent Communication (NVC), I support people who wish to reach a concrete goal or improve their relational skills in a personal or professional situation. For example, learning to manage conflict at work or in the family, expressing oneself with authenticity and kindness, managing and getting out of a burn out, transforming one's anger or fear, changing one's personal or professional orientation, making a decision based on clarity and inner alignment, deepening one's empathic listening skills, improving communication in one's relationship, increasing cooperation in a team, learning to say 'no' and to set limits, reinforcing one's inner centering and peace. I support the coachee in learning and integrating practical and effective tools of communication and awareness from NVC to progress in his/her situation and to gain more autonomy. Sessions can also take place by videoconference via Zoom or Skype.
  • Therapy & psychological counseling: As an accredited practitioner, I offer counseling and therapy sessions (also via Skype, Zoom, or phone), to support people who experience emotional or physical suffering and who pass through crises or difficulties in life. Besides NonViolent Communication (NVC), I use other complementary therapeutic approaches to enrich the therapy: Internal Family Systems (IFS) or Self Leadership created by Richard Schwartz; Focusing developed by Eugene Gendlin (a disciple of Carl Rogers); Tipi Emotional Regulation created by Luc Nicon; Contemplative Psychology (including mindfulness) from Eastern wisdom traditions. My therapeutic vision is not to diagnose a pathology in the people I am working with or to give external advice, but to fully accept them with empathy and kindness and then to guide them with lucidity and respect so that they can develop or access their own internal resources for healing, liberation, peace, and clarity.

My journey in life:

Born in 1975 and raised in Germany, the common thread from my childhood until now has been my aspiration to learn and explore beyond the limits of the known and the usual. It was a pleasure and a human adventure for me to discover and understand new things, not only "outside" in different countries and organizations, but also "inside" in the depths of the mind and consciousness. My path of life has allowed me to experience these adventures in several areas:

  • In the field of science: Fascinated by language and the mind, I published a PhD thesis in sociology on the role of meaning in communication and cognition within human relationships and society (to browse, see…). As a social anthropologist and economist, I have traveled to Latin America, Asia and Africa to learn about other ways of living and thinking. For example, in Mexico I studied the value chain of coffee producers, traders and exporters. As a lecturer, I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and questions by giving university courses in sociology and social anthropology.
  • In the field of business: Later, my work as a consultant in international development cooperation allowed me to accompany companies and banks, from Peru to India, to set up micro-credit programs dedicated to the support of entrepreneurs, women, and the environment. I enjoyed designing and conducting trainings for teams, not only because I like the contact and exchange with managers and collaborators, but also because I consider that education, training, and pedagogy are at the heart of human and professional development.
  • In the field of consciousness: Inspired since my adolescence by the conscious and unconscious processes of the human mind, I have developed a keen interest in wisdom practices and traditions, such as mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, contemplative psychology, or yoga. In a quest for meaning and liberation from suffering and non-knowing, I have pursued these paths of consciousness to learn more about and develop my "inner garden". My commitment led me to become an ordained Buddhist monk and to live several years in a Buddhist monastery. These practices have strengthened my inner resources such as peace, clarity, kindness, and resilience.

My philosophy of life, ethics and values:

Throughout my life, I have created and follow certain ethical and personal principles that guide and nourish me:

  • Constant learning: I consider myself an "eternal disciple in the web of life" who continues to explore and learn from everything and everyone. By adopting this posture, I try to maintain a curious and critical mind towards the world I am part of and I try to keep a certain humility and agnosticism towards the ocean of things I still do not know. This learning process leads me little by little to more lucidity, discernment and wisdom about myself, about others and about reality.
  • Contribution to the world: To give a wider meaning to my path of life, I want to put my knowledge at the service of the well-being of people and beings in this world. It is to walk on a "path with heart" because it takes care of others: I learn to help other people to learn, I grow to contribute to the growth of others, I realize my potential step by step to support other people to realize their potential. With my limits, my strengths and with my color.

Why do I focus on these inner and relational qualities and skills? It is because I perceive a huge imbalance in our modern world and I would like to contribute to a rebalancing: In our world where hologram-creating smartphones coexist with violence and hatred between people or countries, where the monetary wealth of our economies coexists with anxiety and depression in a good part of the population, where 800-meter skyscrapers coexist with unsatisfactoriness and selfishness in our personal and professional lives, I am struck by this imbalance between our technological capacity and our interpersonal incapacity, between external well-being and internal unwell-being, between material development and lack of human development. And this is where I would like to work to strengthen our interpersonal, inner and human qualities and skills. For a balanced society and a wise life.