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About Me

Angela Walkley accompanies people in North, Central and South America. She is passionate about increasing inclusion and access to people in South and Central America: “I commit to maintaining 50% of my Trainer Candidate list for people from Latin America and strive to include people from under-represented communities.” 

Angela has been a facilitator, mediator and activist for over 20 years and brought NVC into her work in 2004. 

She has led community-based processes and projects in India, Latin America and Canada’s far North, with a focus on bringing voices of under-served communities (such as Canada’s Indigenous communities and Ecuador’s marginalized communities) to the foreground. 

These projects included the development of national, provincial and municipal legislation/policies and practical projects in leadership development, capacity building, indigeneous self governance and community-based planning and management.

Angela’s journey with NVC has also been deeply personal. At a pivotal points of  crisis, NVC has continued to provide a way through to connection and hope.

She approaches her role as Assessor with a deep sense of humility with this work of being human and turning again and again to self empathy. She is guided by the words of mentor and colleague Penny Wassman: ‘How can I reach out to others if I am unwilling to reach into myself, unwilling to honour and experience this place of inner knowing?” 

Angela takes a community-based approach to assessment and draws people in who have a passion for working together to make an impact in the lives of individuals and to our collective existence.