Matthew Malecha

Youth Leadership Mentor

Asheville, NC
United States

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Youth Programs
Spoken Languages
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United States
Public Message

Greetings! I'm flattered by your curiosity about me. :) I have been deeply dancing with NVC since 2012, and my love and excitement around it has grown more and more. I've done NVC trainings in youth leadership programs, with summer camp staff, and - of course - with my family and friends. Few ideas in my life have had such a positive and transformative effect as NVC. If you're reading this, perhaps you'd like to be friends, explore, or learn together!

Would truly love to connect. You can call or text me at 219-309-4029, or email me at

If you're in the area, I'd love to meet you!



I aim to share my passion and knowledge of NVC and intentional communication with anyone who wishes to learn in order to foster connection and empathy between people.


I will contribute to spreading NVC to youth as a means of self-knowledge, social-emotional intelligence, fostering a loving mindset, and personal empowerment.

I will contribute to more love and peace in the world!


My dream is to create a gap-year community program for the transition between high school and college that co-explores social-emotional intelligence through a hands-on, ethos-driven intentional community.