Ulrike Eva Weigel

Business Designer

Straße des Friedens 17
07381 Pößneck

Areas of Interest
CNVC Certification
Distance Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Spiritual Growth
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
United Kingdom
United States

I aim to inspire problem solvers, thought leaders and innovators during my sessions as a speaker and facilitator.
Additionally, I am researching on interpersonal flow in teams that create, design and innovate since 2018; Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA); University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom; part-time. Flow can be experienced alone (intrapersonal flow) and in groups (interpersonal flow). My research aims to provide a theoretical framework to support the emergence of interpersonal flow in teams then examine it in practice. The ability of groups to detect and address conflicts early and to decide with consensus-oriented decision-making might be fundamental to be able to solve wicked and complex problems and to move forward into group-centred leadership and collective intelligence. My research designs a framework for the emergence of interpersonal flow in teams that create something new. It examines through action research if and how the framework enables interpersonal flow in a team of an organization. The research reflects if and how the framework contributes to the improvement of teamwork. It contributes to knowledge and understanding of the body of management/business, psychology and social sciences in theory and practice. In doing so, it might show new ways that teams can work together more fluently. The research will be useful to leaders/managers in organizations as well as to facilitators. It could also be the basis for further study.


As a business designer, I create and (re-)design business models that help business owners to optimize their business and especially their strategy and marketing funnels.
As a highly creative person and a researcher, I am interested in the flow state in general.


My vision is that we co-create meaningful services and products to solve problems.