Mary K Reinemann

Greater Madison Area Conscious Communication Communities of Practice
Greater Madison Area Conscious CommunicationCommunities of Practice

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Our Conscious Communication Communities of Practice are based on primarily on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and Robert Gonzales' Living Compassion practices as well as those of other teachers our members have studied with. We support one another in embodying living compassion and connection.


My aim is to have people to practice with, and also to support others who want to take these practices into their 'home' communities, whether that be a work or church or other group or another town.


My intention is to have people to practice with and to have the support of community in learning. Our community works to make these skills these skills (of NVC and Living Compassion) and support for this consciousness available to all who ask for them.


My vision is to see these communities of practice become as common as 12-step groups, found in any church basement, any day of the week, to support people who have a challenging conversation or issue with the skills & consciousness taught in NVC for connection with self and others.