Annette Lubbers

Consultant, trainer, coach, communications teacher at the University of Applied Sciences


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In my life NVC has been the most successful approach to communication. Including the layers of feelings and needs into my communication, gave me clarity and empowered me, just as my requests did. I also noticed, it makes my communication truthful and trustworthy. Communicating this way had a huge impact on the sense of connection I experienced with myself and others. In short; I love it!

Especially because now I have found an alternative to the polarisation that goes on in me aswel as in society these days. A situation I deeply mourn, in both cases. When it comes to society I, as a communication specialist, feel the urge to do something about it. That's why have this longing to introduce NVC in society, as an alternative to polarisation, that is inclusive, authentic and reliable.


It's my aim to integrate NVC in the body of knowledge and skills of the communication professionals. I have been working in the field of communication since 30 years now and I found NVC the most successful (trustworthy, effective, inclusive and connective) approach to communication. I actually consider NVC as "the ABC" of human communication.

I work both as a Dialogue teacher in de Communication department of the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht (NL) and as an independent trainer and consultant for my own company Een Goed Gesprek.


It's my mission to raise awareness around our ways of communicating. As living beings we communicate from the first moment on. It goes instinctively and automatically. That makes us think we are fairly "good' at it. A thought that creates quite some stress or conflict.

Raising awareness around feelings, needs and making requests, the Art of Dialogue, I found out, opens up a range of alternative ways to communicate. Alternatives that bring more connection, peace and equality between people and in individuals themselves.


Nonviolent Communication, as I discovered throughout my NVC journey, is not the opposite of violent communication, it is the alternative! An alternative way to communication that leaves behind power over and power under, good bad, right and wrong polarities, and  explores the power with option.

All my work and efforts, private and professional, aim to search for this alternative way. This 'Third' way, as some call it, include as much as possible what is really important and dear to us, needs!  That's why "Finding the Third Way' was the title of my assessment portfolio.

It requires lots of support, creativity, presence and empathy to go on the search of something different than the right and wrong thinking and power over and under concept we often are taught or brought up with. If I only could add a little of that this world I would feel blessed.