Ibrahim Abukari Zukpeni

Social Change Trainer & NVC Advocate

Post Office Box TL 1817

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Social Change
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As a Social Change Trainer & Facilitator, a Youth Activist passionate about Youth and Community Development Work, I have for the past years worked directly and indirectly with young people and community folks providing skills needed for young people’s personal and career development. As an Activist, Trainer & Facilitator, my philosophy has always been that young people cannot drive the change we and they want to see in their communities unless they are empowered, inspired and engaged. They need to be socially, emotionally, psychologically, physically and economically empowered to take up and lead initiatives that will bring change.  Am of the view that one cannot make a change without Knowing what to change, How to change it And Having the requisite knowledge, skills and tools to do the change.  Of late my energy has been directed towards Peace Promotion through Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with the view that, there can’t be development without peace. Haven received numerous training on Nonviolent Communication, I founded Nonviolent Communication Ghana Network (NVC-Ghana Network) with the ultimate goal of spreading Nonviolent Communication in Ghana and beyond.


Overall aim is to build a solid foundation for NVC-Ghana Network to function as an effective organization driving peace through NVC To support the current peaceful and democratic structures of Ghana through offering Seminars, Workshops, Conference and projects that will empower the Ghanaian populist with NVC skills


To spread Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Ghana with intention to bring this life-enriching form of communication to all and sundry


We envision a Ghana in which everyone values everyone’s basic human needs. And where every individual embraces self-compassion, joyfully contribute compassionately to each others wellbeing and resolve conflicts peacefully