Florence Guimezanes

Consultant, trainer and coach


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In my childhood I wanted to be an archeologist and since then I have been interested in what connect human beings, what do we have in common as humans, whatever our culture, civilization, period in history, location in the world is. Much later NVC gave me some answers: what we have in common are our needs and we have a huge diversity of strategies to take care of them.

Driven by this curiosity, I like to travel, discover, and relate to people coming from different countries and cultures, with a special crush for Spanish and Latin American cultures. I regularly practice yoga, meditation and I am also fond of dance, mainly free dance/ dance of the 5 rhythms and Argentinian Tango.

I come from a corporate background, so I am at ease to transmit in organizations and companies. I wish to link this transmission with Corporate Sustainable Responsibility and social transition, as I worked operationally on CSR and in change management in my previous job. I wish to help people develop their consciousness of themselves, the impacts on the others and about interdependence. More specifically to support companies that have started a transition shift in their way of doing business. I am also interested in regenerative approaches, in business as well as in leadership linked with regenerating nature. This is an ongoing reflection.

Today I am working as an independent consultant, trainer and coach.  I am looking forward to working internationally with NVC, as I worked within an international environment, travelled a lot, and speak French, English and Spanish (I also learned German and Italian).