Towe Widstrand
English-Speaking Europe
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Europe: English-speaking
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About Me

Towe Widstrand lives in Sweden and has more than 25 years experience of sharing NVC in various settings, both public groups and in organizations. Towe has also been a board member for CNVC for several years and has served as a trainer assisting Marshall Rosenberg in many IITs. Towe has offered courses in more than 20 countries over the years.

She has served as an assessor since the process was established and has done many assessments in various places. Now Towe is serving as assessor in The English Speaking European Assessor Team- ESEAT. We work to build community at out final assessment events and we use our website to share how we do this

This assessor team consists of Towe Widstrand, Gina Lawrie, Deborah Bellamy, Shona Cameron, Thera Balvers and Dionne Verbeet (Assessor in Training)