Penny Wassman
North America
Assessor Team:
KILN (North America)
About Me

An original founder of the BC Network for Compassionate Communication in British Columbia, Canada, Penny has offered trainings in the Nonviolent Communication process to people, organizations and corporate and government groups in North America since 1999. She has offered her services as a CNVC assessor since 2005. She writes, “The practice of NVC is, in my experience, the development of an ongoing, evolving, life-long consciousness of compassionate interplay and outreach in which personal authenticity plays a key role. For without deep personal authenticity, ongoing inner awareness and accountability, empathic presence for others is certainly limited. How can I reach out to others if I am unwilling to reach into myself, unwilling to honour and experience this place of inner knowingness and intuition where life just somehow fits?” Penny views the assessor/certification candidate relationship as a mutual collaboration to support the evolution of NVC consciousness in the world. Her web site is