Kathleen Macferran
North America
Assessor Team:
TCCP (Trainer Candidate Community Path)
Spoken Languages
About Me

Kathleen works with CNVC trainer candidates through the Trainer Candidate Community Path (TCCP). In conjunction with the CNVC certification process, the TCCP program is for CNVC trainer candidates who would like to walk the certification path guided by and co-created with community. We are looking for candidates who are interested in the areas of building sustainable community and restorative justice. Each individual process will be designed by individual candidates, community members, mentors, and assessors and/or assessors in training (Kathleen- assessor; Roxy Manning, Mika Maniwa, Susana Warren and Martha Lassley- assessors in training). The certification path involves meeting one-four weekends a year as a community, exploring a variety of ways to share NVC including co-leading trainings candidates and/or certified trainers in a variety of venues to be mutually decided upon. For more information about TCCP, visit the website www.livinginterdependence.org. For more information about Kathleen visit her web site www.StrengthofConnection.com.

TCCP is  one of the prototypes for the new CNVC organization's Recognized Role weaves (a group supporting living and sharing of NVC in the role of Certified Trainer or soon to be NVC Ambassador).

To join the waiting list please follow this link.