Benedikt Loser
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Switzerland: German-speaking
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About Me

I see myself as a sounding board and catalyst in supporting individuals to self-reflect and gain clarity and growth through this, as I believe in external inspiration triggering overcoming personal limitations in core believes, which is liberating.

More than twenty years in technical projects made me deeply realise, that no project ever failed or will fail out of technology reasons but always because how people deal with each other, how they behave under pressure.

Having done investigations and research for over 15 years, I found in NVC an approach how to honestly and fearlessly staying connected under pressure, being able to establish sustainable solutions that serve all involved parties – way beyond compromise.

Afters years of studies and respective degrees in adult education, training design and delivery, psychology, neuroscience and coaching, I am a full-time trainer, facilitator and coach since 2012. I work with individuals, teams and organisations in settings of one-to-one to one-to-hundreds, mainly across Europe.

All my trainings are about so called “soft skills” to unleash locked potentials.

All we experience as “being stuck” can be unblocked from within ourselves. No matter if it is in the business or private context. All this by targeting radical self-enablement and fostering relationship at the same time.

It is all about experience and reflection, allowing time to try again, experience once more and recognise differences through reflection and feedback etc.

Small and with confidence doable steps provide a positive experience where out subconscious mind is primed with this new habit and experience, unconscious blockages starting to fade away.

For this, I am applying the “holistic, integrative process approach”:

  • taking into account and concideration the whole human with and in her contexts,

  • finding the crack in the circle to become round and complete again,

  • the client is following her own and unique process which I do support, coach but never determine.