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Sylvia Haskvitz lives in Tucson, Arizona, USA and has been a certified trainer since 1989 and one of the original 20 certified trainers. She completed her masters degree in Speech and Communication studies with a focus on interpersonal and intercultural communication. As a communication consultant, coach and trainer, she has brought NVC consciousness to workplaces across the US, coached couples, families and individuals and has worked on many diverse projects including co-facilitating a 9 day NVC training in Israel/Palestine in 2011. She began the first year course in Nonviolent Communication in 1998, recognizing the need for regular practice in community. She co-created the group Compassionate Communication for the Jewish Soul as a way to support healing in the Jewish community. She was the co-founder of CALF (Candidates/Community Active Learning Forum) - an online and in person learning community for NVC practitioners and CNVC Certification Candidates. As a nutritionist, she wrote Eat by Choice, Not by Habit, an NVC application to our relationship with food and our bodies. It is because of her deep desire to support the integrity of the NVC process and its sustainability that she has taken on this role of assessor. Her website is and