Gina Cenciose
North America
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Canada: English-speaking
Canada: French-speaking
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About Me

I have been practicing and learning Nonviolence and healing in different forms for over 30 years. I have had a private practice incorporating different healing modalities for 15 years. I have specialized in sharing Nonviolent Communication, as my profession, sharing NVC in prisons, faith communities, non profits, 17-day programs she offers with others to incorporate NVC practices and principles into their lives.

I have co-led and co-created over 70 such programs of 1-3 year length, some with themes such as NVC and Social Change, NVC and leadership, NVC for families, etc. I have been training and certifying Focusing teachers also, and combines NVC and Focusing in these certification programs, in english and in french all over North America. Nature reconnection is a huge part of my work, and all of my work is in nature, helping people to re Connect with their WHOLE SELVES, I am a facilitator of Joanna Macy's WORK THAT RECONNECTS, and my school teaches movement practices and art and music as a way of Life.

I have specialized in healing trauma and am part of the Group that is called Indigenous Focusing oriented therapy for Complex trauma in Canada. I work every day in healing trauma and bringing myself and others back to life, from the Industrialized growth Society. Gina speaks French and English. Learn more about Gina.

Native Language Biography

My native Language is english, and I work mostly in french in Québec right now. I live and work in both langages everday.