Gina Cenciose
French-Speaking Canada
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Canada: French-speaking
Spoken Languages
English French
About Me

Gina Cenciose has been practicing and learning Nonviolence and healing in different forms for over 30 years. She has had a private practice incorporating different healing modalities for 15 years. She has specialized in sharing Nonviolent Communication, as her profession, sharing NVC in prisons, faith communities, non profits, and in 7 yearly 17-day programs she offers with others to incorporate NVC practices and principles into their lives. She has co led and co created 22 such programs of 1-3 year length., some with themes such as NVC and Social Change, NVC and Transformation of Consciousness, etc. She has been training trainers in NVC  in 3 year long programs, and in Scott peck's method of Community building and has incorporated Dominic Barter’s Restorative Circles  process into her life and her work. She is an Inner Relationship Focusing facilitator as well, and combines Inquiry and IR focusing in some of her programs. Gina speaks French and English. Her web site is