Deborah Bellamy
Austria and Germany
English-Speaking Europe
Assessor Team:
Europe: English-speaking
About Me

Deborah is delighted to join the English-speaking European team since May 2014 after being a year and half in the team as Assessor in training. She really enjoys working in the team as she is experiencing partnership relationship and at the same time has respect for the "elders" who have been in this role for many years.  She has chosen this way of contributing to  NVC consciousness/integrity after being a certified trainer for 10 years. She is based in Vienna so has a focus on supporting eastern European candidates. She co-founded a network in Austria"Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Austria" in 2003 where now over a hundred members get to have the opportunity of learning, growing and contributing to the NVC consciousness.  Deborah has worked over the years internationally and locally with a variety of NVC trainers and has enjoyed working side by side with others.  She brings in her lightness, humour and joy to others and has a big heart for others to evolve as individuals to bring their gifts to the world.  When she is not in her role as assessor she is right now training/coaching in the business and social environment and passionately offers NVC and Clowning playshops. She enjoys also coaching individuals and couples. She is very grateful to the NVC community of trainers who have supported her in her own personal development. Especially Marshall who invited her to assist at an IIT in 2006.Gina Lawrie and Bridget Belgraves, Klaus Kärstadt, Robert Gonzales, Isolde Teschner and mentor Towe Widstrand. Deborah speaks both English and German (with an Austrian accent)She has been in two teams exploring Sociocracy and Restorative Circles over the last 7 years in the Austrian NVC network.

She is not taking on new candidates as of 2019