Doris Schwab
Assessor Team:
Germany Southwest
About Me

 We have been working together since Winter 2009. We met during the Assessor’s Training in Stuttgart with Marshall in Summer 2008. There we developed, together with all participants, the first ideas about group assessments and mentoring as one effective strategy to support each other and to realize power with. We understand our work as our contribution to social change. We feel connected with the worldwide trainer group and enjoy working together in the Education Service Team.

All three of us are self-employed and have our own business. We have different fields we are working in beside our work as trainers in NVC: Rita is working in companies as a consultant, Doris is a counsellor and Edith is working as an undertaker.

We speak German and English. Candidates from other countries are heartily welcome. We will offer once a year a group assessment in German and English. For more information please contact one of us.