Ron de Brito

Empowerment & Embodied Compassion Coach

114 Boxted Road
Hemel Hempstead
United Kingdom

Areas of Interest
CNVC Certification
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
United Kingdom
Public Message

I coach individuals using NVC, to help them connect deeply with their own feelings and needs, learning to apply new awareness to their relationships with self, families, colleagues and the world. I practise embodied NVC, emphasising the connection with sensations arising when challenges occur and using postures to resonate with needs. I am passionate about people coming home to their wholeness of mind, body and spirit and living their potential with ease, peace and fulfilment. 

I also facilitate groups in learning NVC and Embodiment


Coaching and teaching to share NVC in the world and create a wider body of people connected to their needs and conscious of wholeness of mind, body and spirit. 


I am motivated to bring myself into the world with grounded sensitivity, whence to offer presence and witness to others, guiding and modelling with listening, empathy, honest expression, awareness, empowerment and choice. I am motivated to witness and collaboratively hold pain and suffering and create a space for transforming these into consciousness, gentleness, humanity, choice.


I dream of contributing into the world and individuals I am connected with: grounded presence, connection with the Natural world and each other as well as the inner selves. I wish to transform pain and habitual patterns of behaviour into awareness and choice, using the practices of empathic listening, embodied awareness and living NVC.