Stacey Martino


Los angeles, CA 90027
United States

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Restorative Justice
Social Change
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United States
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I am an NVC supporter and certification candidate who has worked with children, families and communities.  I am also a Restorative Practices/Justice facilitator within movement, community and organizational spaces who holds a commitment to Racial Justice, Trauma Informed Care and Resilience Building.  I have been studying/practicing NVC for the last 18 years and focus on NVC through the lens of both systemic awareness and generative conflict engagement. Convergent Facilitation and The Vision Mobilization frameworks inform much of my work. 

As a certified Resilience Toolkit facilitator with a Graduate Certificate in Restorative Practices from the International Institute of Restorative Practices, an Integrative Somatic Therapy certification and an MFA from The New School for Social Research, I deeply am interested in the intersection of healing, arts and community organizing.  I began my restorative journey in community organizing spaces many years ago and currently design and steward several restorative culture shifts within both movement and nonprofit organizations.


The heart of my work is making our togetherness irresistible by creating spaces to explore our full humanity while envisioning new narratives that increase our collective capacity to respond to the current systemic reality with care for all. 


I am committed to supporting relational and systemic shifts that allow more people to build collective capacity and turn toward embracing vitality and inquiry to source our creative genius and find solutions when faced with complexity and disconnection.  I support seed communities to bridge the gap in our collective imagination to build faith that  that living in partnership rather than domination meets more needs for more people. I work to support communities build capacity to both grapple and grieve in togetherness and orient toward creating a world that works for everyone.



I envision resourced, interconnected and equitable seed communities steeped in a symbiosis of deep belonging, living systems and shared humanity that are accessible to everyone. Within these micro cultures, we honor the inherent relatedness between all life by serving, responding to and reflecting the needs of our places and our people.

There is abundant collective energy for story, dance, song, music, poetry, theater, healing, play, mourning, celebration and ritual to reflect, process and express within our Beloved Community. These experiences of mutual liberation within our seed communities are powerful enough to create a larger shift within macro cultures