Monika Szczepanik


41-200 Sosnowiec

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I like to think and say I fell in love with NVC from a first sight, with reciprocity.

I remember very well my first meeting with Karsten, his words about strategies that don't work, and as they don't work I could choose those which do.

First I used NVC as a tool to improve my relations with others. Later I learned how to use it with myself, only then I started thinking to use NVC as a tool of a social change in public education, where I work daily. I believe that this change can happen everywhere, also in a polish school that is based on a culture of dominance. 'Empathic education equals empathic Poland', once was a motto of a NVC conference, it works well for me. I believe that in order to change Polish school, we need relations based on equal importance.

On average, every 10 years there is an education reform in Polish school. They are vertical, and they address quantity, instead of quality. What we need is a new quality of relationship amongst teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders that is supportive, empowering and enriching. This is my paradigm for any action I take in the school.