Guillaume Lanctot-Bedard

Trainer, coach and mediator

Montreal QC H1Y 3C4

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Emotional Intelligence
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Guillaume has been interested in, studying, researching and integrating NonViolent Communication (NVC) into his life since 2003. After having trained intensively with the founder of the NVC, Marshall B. Rosenberg, as well as several other American, Canadian, and European trainers. He has been giving training courses and conferences since 2010 in different settings, such as schools, CEGEPs, CLSCs, communities and organizations.

He is the main trainer and coach within Spiralis. Among other things, he is developing the entire education component. This includes the Conscious and Benevolent Parenting program, as well as his exhaustive work in schools, affecting administrative and management staff, teachers as well as students and their parents. Guillaume is keen to support the emergence of a more inclusive and collaborative transformed society, hence his commitment to greater awareness and empathy in the areas of education and language.

As a coach, Guillaume's mission is to create liveliness in himself and in all those he reaches personally and through the organizations he is invited to support. He firmly believes that there is a close relationship between individual vitality and level of integrity. From this perspective, he developed a particularly strong sensitivity to deep inner truth and clarity of intention. 
Working with him is not always comfortable, but invariably generates a movement of alignment and energy. His approach is unpretentious, caring and direct. He has a way of creating a climate of trust and compassion that allows him to remain open and curious in his boldness.

Guillaume’s best NVC school lies in his role as a father, which allows him to develop the humility necessary to truly integrate compassion and authenticity.

He offers all his services in English and in French.