Jamil Popatia

Family Counsellor and Mediator

9422 Railway Avenue
Richmond BC V7E 2B6

Areas of Interest
Spiritual Growth
Violence Prevention
Spoken Languages
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I am a Certified Trainer in Vancouver, British Columbia  along the beautiful west coast of Canada. While my daily work centres on my role as a Family/Clinical Counsellor, I find myself more inclined to matters of the spirit and therefore what interests me most is how NVC contributes to matters of spirituality. For me, the needs most alive for me at any given moment are that of meaning and/or purpose. For some time, I have been exploring through my inner journey how religion and spirituality intersect with Compassionate Communication. There was a time when I was in somewhat of a conundrum and stalemate regarding this intersection and after some journeying, I have observed a release and relaxation of tensions. It is this area where I do and will do most of my work in NVC.