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It was personal relationships that brought me to NVC. Despite an extensive training in body psychotherapy and coaching and many years of personal work, I found myself floundering in 2015. A neighbour of mine approached me one day and offered me the 4 disc CD set of Marshall's book and within 15 minutes of listening, I had the realisation that there was another way. A two day workshop in London, whetted my appetite and by the time I finished a ten-day intensive training in the Netherlands in early 2016, I knew I wanted to really explore this framework. By the time I left that training, I had approached Gina Lawrie to be my assessor.

After many years exploring "self-improvement", NVC provides me with an open, humble and real way of connecting with people and myself. Conflicts have become opportunities to connect. Judgements have become a way of understanding myself and others. I can be braver and more honest with others and that really fulfils my need to be real. The genius of Marshall Rosenberg to highlight needs along with thoughts and emotions opens up a whole different dimension to connecting. I am continually excited that needs provide a foundation for all to connect with their emotions and to relate to their emotions as a guide.


I hold a frame and remind myself that parents, intimate partners, children, adolescents, CEOs, bankers, policemen, dentists, etc. are all just people at the end of the day. The paradigm shift that can occur with NVC means the effect of the work on our relationships can't be grasped without being experienced. This means that NVC can remain out of sight for people. My aim is to make it visible.


As a certified trainer, I consider myself part of a global community promoting and spreading the work of Marshall Rosenberg. I promote an Irish online hub,, to build connection between the trainers active in Ireland and enjoy supporting local and international candidates in their certification journey.

Along with a group of English, Italian and Dutch trainers, I am part of a team that organise an annual NVC festival (now known as the NVC Caravan) to create gatherings in countries and regions where NVC is less well known. At present, I am working with associates and training firms to bring the work to a wide audience.

Of particular significance in 2020 is the publication of an article about Yoram Mosenzon's trainings in Ireland in one of our broad sheet newspapers.



I am drawn to families and also to professional organisations and institutions. I have experienced personally and seen how families can really benefit from NVC.

I consider that education holds a special place in modern-day life where the psychological well-being of young people can be nurtured. After all, isn't our personal work really a form of re-parenting ourselves? I consider the NVC approach to be ideal. My dream is to see NVC have some tri-partite impact with students, teachers and parents in the educational space for teachers.

Of equal importance for me is working with organisations and institutions because I think this is essential for wider changes in society - to influence those in power to make different choices. Working with organisations allows me to reach people who might never come across NVC and it also provides me with the personal economic freedom to bring NVC to a wide range of groups on a pro-bono, exchange or donation basis/