Judith Lardner

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84 Maudlin Court
Co. Kilkenny
R95 VW95

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I have always loved watching people practice any kind of sport or creative work. I seem to have more fascination for the practice than for the actual game or performance. Perhaps it has something to do with the transparency of how we interact with the activity when we are practicing? Practice seems more likely to demonstrate our hopes, our fears, our strengths and weaknesses in a very human way. I believe it also has to do with hanging out at our learning edge, or our growing edge, a partly familiar place and a partly unknown place, an edge place. I like hanging out with people who also like hanging out at their edge place. Another image of practice that inspires me is repetition. Regularly I see how the repetition of layers of experience builds strength. Similarly the repetition of peeling back layers brings clarity and deepens insight. The circle process and mindfulness are foundational elements of my work. Both share with NVC a core value of Universal Human Needs. I call my work Mindful Communication and you can read more at: www.judithlardner.com  


I offer six-month Peer Practice programs that usually start in the spring and fall. I invite individuals to work with me to co-create their own Peer Practice groups, and I offer monthly information calls about Peer Practice groups on the first Saturday of the month, or at other times by arrangement. I also work with established groups who want to co-create a structure within which they can have more meaningful relationships, and work more effectively together.


I develop the Peer Practice model as a way to support regular practice, regardless of a persons location or skill level, and in particular as a strategy to continue practice after completing a residential training. I share NVC skills as a way to tap into, to re-capture,  the existing and powerful compassion that so often gets forgotten due to burnout, overwhelm, and other stressors that plague our daily lives. I use my skills as a facilitator and teacher to contribute to the awareness and growth of our innate ability for compassionate communication and meaningful relationships.


I have a vision of a world that appreciates and nurtures the skills that we need to live pro-actively peacefully together. I have a vision of a world where we all share a fluency in describing our values, and in differentiating between our values and the strategies we employ to address our values. I have a vision of a world that recognizes conflict as a blessing rather than a curse.