Selene Aitken

Ashland, Oregon 97520
United States

Spoken Languages

Whether working with a professional group, a family, a couple or an individual, I provide an experience of the elements of NVC that can be immediately applied to restore aliveness and understanding to a relationship. I also focus on the consciousness of NVC, the compassionate awareness that leads to a deep connection with self, with others and with Life.
My tools include humor, silence and interactive activities.


My mission is to support people in living and making peace with themselves and with others. I do this by facilitating conversations and giving classes, workshops, coaching and mediation sessions.
I have taken NVC to many interesting places including El Salvador, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan and Argentina. I love experiencing the universality of NVC as well as the challenge of adapting it to different cultures.


In the world I want to live in all of us take responsibility for creating peace in ourselves as well as in families, communities, between nations, with other life forms and with the Earth.
Peace I'll define as caring for all needs with compassion. Taking responsibility includes asking for help and support as well as committing to learning and practice so we can access the skills and consciousness we choose in moments of conflict.
I'm in touch with a project that's responding to a small, remote village where there has been tremendous violence in the past. Because the village is so small and remote, there is no police force. The army is available to restore order if needed. However, the citizens want to learn how to resolve their own conflicts and have asked for outside trainers to help them gain these skills. This is the world I want to live in.