Sukru Bozkurt


34782 Istanbul/İstanbul

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I see that using Nonviolent Communication efficiently in my daily life, with my family, my partner, my friends, at work and with myself enriches my life, brings abundance into my life. I believe and experience how understanding deeply the NVC process and live in NVC consciousness will in time (and does already) contribute to spiritual transformation. Looking at my life, I can’t help but think that if I had met NVC in my twenties, I would have done lots of things differently.

Connecting to myself and others by heart is a sort of magic. NVC is practical and it works. At the same time it is deep and a journey for everyone who learns or practices it. It is a way of life. At the beginning I thought that it was only a communication training. After many years now I know NVC is deeply spiritual. It is practical and spiritual.      


What I am doing now with NVC:

Since November 2018, I’m working as a trainer at Softtech Company (Turkey’s largest software development company) with more than 1700 employees. My only job is to teach Nonviolent Communication to the whole company. I also serve as a mediator and a coach when there is a problem amongst employees or other groups.

At the same time, I offer introductory NVC trainings, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Also I offer thematic trainings on shame, anger, guilt, transforming conflict and self-compassion. I want to come together with men and form “men circles” to create awareness about NVC among men and spread the NVC consciousness. I believe men, as all human beings, in very deep need of NVC, empathy, self-connection, being heard and understood, and appreciation. I take NVC as an internal and spiritual process, to change and transform primarily ourselves but also our surroundings, the society and the world.