Malika Elkord


72000 Le mans

Public Message

I exercised the profession of journalist over thirty years because I had a deep inclination for observation, listening, and wanted to contribute to social change. I have learned how much évents can look different if you change your view angle. At the same time, I acted as a trainer in journalism schools in order to pass on my knowledge of the job.
I discovered NVC in 2007, when Annhiruda, an Indian NVC trainer, happened to participated in a conference scheduled by Saleem Ebrahim, french NVC trainer. This event has been an encounter and a révélation for me.  An encounter with a community sharing with me the same conception of the world and the same values that was always mattered to me : welcoming others and oneself, empathy, caring, authenticity, inclusion, responsability.
I felt I was not alone anymore believing other ways are possible.
And it was a revelation too, because I ralisedthat this practice was present in my life for a long time through my Relationship with others, although less présent for my relationship to myself.
Since that moment, I followed numerous NVC workshop, I joined practice groups, trying to live and weave into the process with different trainers. It was a path towards the others and myself.
I had the Lucky opportunity to participate to Marshall Rosenberg’s last IIT in Europe, year 2009. At that time, being a journalist, I wanted to work with him on medias and se how to act differently in this field for social change.
Meanwhile, I was trained  as an humanistic médiator for prosecutorial médiation, got skilled in NLP with Robert Dilts, in IFS (Internal Familial System), in Sociocraty and Holacracy. I did not want to be an observer anymore, I wanted to go along with people, organisations and walk with them towards transformation.
After having sought to reveal the world through journalism, I am eager to help people and organizations finding their own light, discovering their inner beauty and their self resources with my wholehearted support.

I offered with french certified trainers, trainings in school with teachers, in hospital for médical and administrative staff, in Aides association, in companys…
And for now, as a NVC french trainer, I aim to spread NVC in different contexts : journalists and coopérative leaders. I am deeply happy to be and progress with a team which shares similar values.
What motivates me, is to be a peace ambassador via training, coaching and informing.