John Samson

Dental Surgeon

Koregaon Park.
Pune 411 001

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I am a dental surgeon by profession. At the moment I've changed course completely and into story telling, creative writing, drama, music, and in the last couple of years, N.V.C.

As of now I'm in Pune , India; returned a while back after completing my M.A. in the U.K. from the Uni. of Exeter. I love spending time with my family and most of my activities in the recent past are centered around the house.

I share N.V.C. with some of the parents who share the same ideas about education. Also, have empathy buddies, listening circles, N.V.C. practice groups. At present I'm spending more time as part of the prep team for the 2016 convention, on calls for the I.I.T and on calls receiving mentoring.

The most valuable aspect of N.V.C. for me has undoubtedly been Self Empathy. The aspect which I am curious to discover more about is being an active part of a community, or forming one in my vicinity.