Pasadena NVC Practice Group

We meet once a month. The group is led by Gail McManus. Newcomers are most welcome! The process of Nonviolent Communication helps us reach beneath the surface and discover what is deeply vital within us, as it guides our endeavors to interact with the world with conscious intentions. We develop a way of communicating peacefully, and we are able to hear what others say (no matter what they say) with empathic connection. At each meeting we focus on an aspect of NVC which participants will find useful in their relationships and in their self-understanding. Suggested donation: $25 or what works for you. For information about Gail and her work, please visit .
Meeting Times: 
Next 2018 sessions: Saturday, June 9, 9:30am - 12:30pm. Monthly workshops resume in September. Dates TBA!
Contact Information: or 518 653-2957


Rudolf Steiner Community Center
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