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All around the world people are coming together to form organizations to share NVC. You can focus your search by entering a city, and by selecting a country or province/state. These organization come in three types, Geographical, Language or Interest.

CNVC offers this information to facilitate connection, and is not responsible for information posted under this section. We do not control, censor, or monitor these organizations. It is up to the organizations to keep their information current. These organizations may or may not be associated with a CNVC Certified Trainer. If you would like more information on the group or organization, please contact them to explore.

If you would like to have your organization listed on this site, please send an email to the webmaster describing your organization. Be sure to describe your organization's mission, its members, if you are open to new members and if you are a geographic, language or interest group. Be sure to provide an e-mail address for this account that is not currently used with another account on this web site.

We will sent up an account for you. After you get your new account e-mail, log in and edit your group's Information Profile. In the Public Information section identify the type of your organization; Geographic, Language or Interest. Make sure that the full name of the organization is listed in the 'Your Name (for public view)' field, and not your personal name.

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Group Name Organization Type Training Country City Province/Statesort icon Country
Center for Collaborative Communication Geographic Group
Friare Livs hemsida Geographic Group Norra Sverige och hela landet Sweden
Nonviolent Communication in Finland r.y. / Geographic Group Helsinki Finland
Netzwerk Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Austria Geographic Group Vienna Austria
NVC Toronto Geographic Group Toronto Canada
El Ejército de Paz de Costa Rica Geographic Group Piedades de Santa Ana Costa Rica
clafouti Geographic Group France, Switzerland Switzerland
Christophe Grigri Geographic Group France Ecully France
Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication Geographic Group Seoul South Korea
Yousufuddin Geographic Group India Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
CNV Argentina Geographic Group Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Province Argentina
Solange Estevez Geographic Group BUENOS AIRES Buenos Aires Province Argentina
BC Network for Compassionate Communication (BCNCC) Geographic Group Victoria British Columbia Canada
Peter Comrie Geographic Group Canada Kelowna British Columbia Canada
D-A-CH e.V. Geographic Group Germany Stuttgart Baden-Württemberg Germany
San Diego NVC Website Geographic Group San Diego California United States
Nonviolent Communication Santa Cruz Geographic Group Santa Cruz California United States
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication(bayNVC) Geographic Group Oakland California United States
NVC Santa Cruz Geographic Group Santa Cruz California United States
Fidel Mariveles Geographic Group Cebu Cebu Philippines
NVC-UK Website Geographic Group United Kingdom Llan Carmarthenshire United Kingdom
Colorado NVC Geographic Group Greenwood Village Colorado United States
Foreningen for Ikkevoldelig Kommunikation Geographic Group Klampenborg Copenhagen Denmark
Rocky Mountain Center for Compassionate Communication Geographic Group United States Denver Colorado United States
Angie Geographic Group United States Monte Vista Colorado United States

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