Board of Directors Decisions

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22-Jan-July 2022 Board Decisions & Actions Jan-July 2022—Download PDF (74KB)
29-Dec-2021 It was agreed that for the next month or so, Manasi will write and post GH board updates under her personal name rather than the Board. She will send her updates for review by other board members for paramount objections only. She will share in an email, with paramount objections to arrive by end of day Friday for posting on Saturdays.
22-Dec-2021 All consented to the ED Jeff Brown joining 2 board meetings per month either in full or for one hour (every other meeting). He will also participate in any and all working groups that the board would like him to join.
22-Dec-2021 All consented to removing the Addendum from the ACC Plan, and creating a separate document to track the important items that will need to be dealt with in the future.
15-Dec-2021 The proposal for a feedback/comment response acknowledgement and integration system was accepted..
24-Nov-2021 The Board asserts that it is the final decision maker on the governance system, and will strive to get as much feedback/advice as possible from the community to make this decision as partners, and for being as proactively transparent as we can (highlighting changes made to the timeline, feedback received etc).
17-Nov-2021 The Board gives approval to move forward with the Operations Manager candidate Loida Alvarez with a trial period of ED’s choosing; salary to be determined based on hours by the ED. Board via Amal Mekour to give recommendation and Jeff can proceed as he wishes.
3-Nov-2021 The Board will amend the Bylaws to include “ambassadors” (or a placeholder) in addition to members and associate (‘supporting’) members. This will be communicated with the community via newsletter and the process will be researched.
27-Oct-2021 Amal Mekouar and Carl Plesky will process the Community Talks with the Facilitators, discuss next steps (if any) and come back with a proposal for for the Board.
20-Oct-2021 Define a liaison person(s) for given issues. Only that liaison communicates outside of the board in a shared response. When the board answers as a board, we work on it together in the Power With document. In individual answers, just cc the board. Work towards an overview of what the topics and tasks are that need/have a liaison person.
20-Oct-2021 Formally offer the position of permanent Executive Director to Jeff Brown at the meeting with him on 20 Oct. Farrah Baut-Carlier will manage the details of the contract.
6-Oct-2021 Propose to Jeff Brown a 2 year contract as permanent Executive Director, with contract terms related to governance changes to be discussed approximately May 2022.
24-Sep-2021 The Environmental Scan report was released to the wider community of the CNVC Newsletter audience.
22-Sep-2021 Community Talks with Facilitators Liv Larssen and Myra Walden were announced to the Certified Trainers.
15-Sep-2021 New Board members Manasi Saxena and Ted Rau were announced as the final result of the Election held September 2 - 7..
11-Aug-2021 Carl Plesner and Amal Mekouar are the Board representatives to support the work of the Faciliators for the restorative processes.
4-Aug-2021 The Quarter 2 Financial Meeting (open to observers) will be combined with the Annual Meeting on September 1.
4-Aug-2021 The Board will contact nominated Facilitators for the restorative processes with proposed terms of reference and compensation.
28-Jul-2021 The Board will survey the community to determine who they wish to see in a working group to develop proposals about how to address Certified trainer misconduct.
21-Jul-2021 The Board will launch the restorative process for 3 topics (ED, Diversity, NFP) by putting out a call for Faciliator nominations.
7-Jul-2021 The Board confirmed Jeff Brown as Interim ED for 6 months, until Mid- January.
30-Jun-2021 The Board will offer several Interim Director proposals to Jeff Brown for him to choose between.
30-Jun-2021 The time for the Special Meeting vote will be extended from 5 days to 10 days, with voting to end on July 9 at Midnight CET
16-Jun-2021 Share the timeline for governance implementation up to Day 70 in the Roadshow beginning with 19-Jun-2021.
02-Jun-2021 Send letter to Maria in response to her emails of 07-May-2021 and 31-May-2021. Decide on a second person from the network (who is in touch with Maria) to be contact person (in addition to Carl) with Maria.
02-Jun-2021 Special Meeting for Yes/No question: announced on or before 14-Jun-2021, meeting takes place 29-Jun-2021 for verbal explanation and Q&A. Meeting to be recorded. People can start voting on 29-Jun-2021, upon closing of the meeting, and the voting stops at the end of 04-Jul-2021.
02-Jun-2021 The Board proposes to launch a special meeting by President to invite the community to vote on the proposal to extend their current mandate and explain the context of why we want them to vote.
26-May-2021 Use the "CNVC Board - E.D. exchange memory and status tracking" to track formal requests for action and information between Board and ED. The purpose is to create clarity between the Board and the E.D. about what type of requests have been made by whom about what to whom and when. The Board will have NVC Process mediation facilitated by one, 2-3 CTs from the network as agreed by the Board and E.D. - only if the board’s term is extended.
19-May-2021 The Board postponed all roadshow sessions because we are now setting up a process to address the conflict between the Board and E.D. that will include the community. The Board will have the review process as planned in E.D.’s contract, Article 10. Use the google doc: "CNVC Board decision making and tracking tool" to make decisions in such a way that all decisions are clearly recorded in time and with clear reference to emails and Board meeting notes. The purpose is to create clarity and transparency between members of the board in regard to which decisions have been made when.
16-May-2021 Board tests the advice process during its roadshow with topics such as bookstore and regional groups The Board postponed the first two Roadshow meetings of 19-May and 20-May-2021.
16-May-2021 Transition to the principles of shared governance and will give itself the means to do so.
05-May-2021 Board to program the 1h30m meeting with CTs and community for feedback on steps for our governance.
14-Apr-2021 The Board will meet with staff once a quarter (as per E.D.-Board contract). The Board will send out its newsletters via MailChimp and also via other platforms to reach out to as many trainers as possible (facebook, io group). Board requests Carl to check with Maria if she can provide a suitable format for the E.D. review within max a week from now.
14-Apr-2021 The Board will meet with Danielle Beenders for an exit interview and off-boarding.
06-Apr-2021 The Board will send an email to Maria requesting a conversation about Tribe as the highest priority and requesting clear information on the financial investment required to launch Tribe.
22-Mar-2021 The Board agreed to use Slack to organize sub-group project work.
24-Feb-2021 Non-certified Trainer observers for the open board meetings will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
24-Feb-2021 The Board agreed to appoint Vaughn CPA as auditor for 2020 financials and negotiate a reduced fee.
27-Jan-2021 The Board agreed to legally relocate CNVC to Texas with staff working in a virtual office based on the strategy outlined in the ED's proposal, with the addition that, "storage be sorted and cleared before 31-May-2021 and, that upon recommendation, the Board approves a financial budget for scanning most relevant documents that then be digitally stored in CNVC archive files (accessible by CTs on the CNVC Website)."
12-Jan-2021 Individual board members will share with their community only the information in the Newsletter.
12-Jan-2021 Amal Mekour elected Vice President.
05-Jan-2021 Carl Plesner to represent the Board in reviewing the Environmental Scan data and report.
05-Jan-2021 Kirsten Kristensen was elected as Treasurer. Accepted with conditions and protocol.
29-Dec-2020 Formal communication method for the NVC community to the Board is through the Board Google Form.
29-Dec-2020 Emails sent to [email protected] will be responded to after group agreement.
17-Dec-2020 Vice President Farrah Baut-Carlier assumed the office of President with full Board consent.
17-Dec-2020 Dana Goland resigned from the Board.
14-Dec-2020 The 2021 Budget was approved.
14-Dec-2020 The Board approved moving the CNVC organization to a virtual office on a permanent basis.
09-Dec-2020 The Board's collective decision-making process was agreed on along with E.D. voting protocol.
09-Dec-2020 Kanya Likanasudh and Carl Plesner were elected Co-Secretaries.
03-Dec-2020 Carl Plesner to represent the Board in the Tribe platform planning and development.
11-Nov-2020 Election of the Treasurer and the Secretary was postponed.
11-Nov-2020 Farrah Baut-Carlier was elected Vice President.
11-Nov-2020 Dana Goland was elected President.