Intermediate NVC training - NVC approaches to Power and Privilege

Saturday, January 18, 2020
10:00 am
End Time
5:30 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
Official training hours
6.0 hours
In person

Bonnington Centre
United Kingdom

Main Topic
General NVC
Short description
In this session, which begins the 2020 Intermediate training series in London. We will explore Power, Privilege and Inclusion.

In this session, which begins the 2020 Intermediate training series in London. We will explore Power, Privilege and Inclusion. We will

  • Strengthen the foundations of NVC by practicing acknowledging all sets of needs in a situation
  • practice expressing yourself connecting to needs, without blame or shame.
  • Practice ‘scary honesty’ – (basically doing the above, when fears around disconnection or safety are high)
  • Practice transforming ‘enemy images’ to free up energy to respond non-violently
  • Have an introduction to ‘Bystander Intervention’ and how you can intervene in challenging situations
  • look at access to ‘structural power’ by exploring which situations we feel empowered to speak in and those we don’t, and name the conditions that makes this so.
  • Practice the skill of ‘bringing empathy’ to all of the above.

The session will involve reflection, discussion, practice and role play.

I hope that the day will enrich your lives by

  • Renewing a sense of safety and belonging by leaning into trust that everyone’s experience matters and everyone has an important role to play
  • Renewing trust that we individuals can fully connect even though we might disagree
  • Offering an experience of difference as generative and energising rather than alienating and scary.





What is the London Intermediate Training Programme?

The NVC London Intermediate training programme consists of 10 days of training across the course of a year, approx one day per month. Each training stands alone, so you can attend as few or as many of the days as you wish.  The trainings will be facilitated by five London-based certified NVC trainers. Each trainer is facilitating two training days from the programme. So you will be able to enjoy the individual perspective, understanding and specialism of each trainer.  We hope you will enjoy the richness of the themes and trainer input that this programme offers.


To deepen your understanding and experience of NVC in theory and practice.  Sustained input over the course of a year will support you to integrate and embody NVC more fully in your life.


Participants will be expected to have completed a two day foundation training in NVC, or equivalent.  This will ensure a common foundation for intermediate level engagement and practice.