Education for Life with NVC- International Training- Kirsten Kristensen

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12.0 hours
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NVC for Educators
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Deepening - Education for Life with NVC- 2-day training
The years that children spend in school are precious, so let’s use them well and prepare our children for a world where appreciation of diversity and cross-cultural cooperation and living democratic values is key to a peaceful life on earth.
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Kirsten Kristensen
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In this workshop we will focus on the role of the teacher

The role of a teacher contains a unique opportunity to inspire students through the way we lead the class. We can fill that role as a service to the group and inspire students to take on leadership as an opportunity to serve instead of an opportunity to dominate and oppress.

In this two days course we learn how to contribute to inner leadership in your students through your own inner leadership and presence. We offer an opportunity to further develop your skills in communication from a partnership paradigm.

The purpose of this workshop

To give teachers the skills needed in order to model and contribute to next generation being better prepared for a life in partnership instead of domination, a life in cooperation instead of competition, a life in peace instead of war. One key skill in this work is integrating solid nonviolent communication skills that enables us to build bridges instead of trenches.