Embodying Nonviolent Communication

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Friday, June 6, 2019 10:30 am America/Denver -06:00
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21.0 hours
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United States

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General NVC
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Find your voice ~ Speak your truth ~ Walk your talk
At the heart of this course are simple yet deep practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, for finding common ground and for speaking your truth with power and compassion. This requires us to quiet our minds and connect to our hearts and instincts so that they may inform our actions and our words.


Personal Practices for Deepening Relationships

Real change is embodied!

The art of Nonviolent Communication supports honest, creative, courageous and empathic expression. In this training we'll explore a variety of practices that attune us to our bodies subtle internal movements and the sensations essential for empathic listening to the direct and present experience of the life we all share.  Whole mind/body/linguistic practices, engaged over time, is where we come face to face with the history we’ve embodied, our deeper selves, our most profound gifts, and the motivation to connect more compassionately in the world.

Such learning is accelerated when we can do it together; even more so when surrounded in the beauty of nature and nourished by the delicious farm fresh, organic food of Synergia Ranch.  To see more about the location, click here.

I hope you can be a part of this special time together,

from the heart,


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If you have questions about the training, feel free to contact me directly.  davidkweinstock@gmail.com


Karen Starz via text, call (505) -379-2771, or emailstarz.organizer@gmail.com.

David Weinstock is a certified international trainer of Nonviolent Communication, a Somatic Coach, Aikido instructor, the originator of Somatic Consensus and author of “Becoming What You Need: Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication". Woven into his workshops are the time-honored lessons of mastery and conflict resolution distilled from his lifelong work as a master goldsmith and teacher in the peaceful art of Aikido.

  • When: June/14/2019
  • When it Ends: June/16/2019
  • Where: Synergia Ranch, Santa Fe, NM 87508
  • Cost: $427.50 – $752.50

To learn more about his work, click here.  

Travel time from Santa Fe airport is a 15-minute drive. From Albuquerque allow an hour travel time. There is plenty of parking at the retreat center. Maps and details to follow.

Tuition assistance is available on request. Payment plan options contact Karen Starz

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Karen Starz via text, call (505) -379-2771, or emailstarz.organizer@gmail.com.