Online NVC Lab Series

Start Date
End Date
Number of sessions/meetings
8 90-min Teaching Sessions + 3 90-min Integration Sessions
Official training hours
16.0 hours
Online training
Main Topic
Inner Work / Spirituality of NVC
Short description
Teaching and Coaching sessions with Aya Caspi
Empathic support and integration sessions with NVC Trainee, Nora Heiber
Optional: working with a partner for additional support
Sessions take place using Zoom, a video conferencing app. Participants can connect by webcam or by phone. There's no additional cost for the app. Those using phone will need to dial a domestic long distance number. Sessions will be recorded and made available to each registered participant for a limited amount of time. If a participant is uncomfortable with a particular segment being recorded, by request, recording for that particular segment will be suspended.
Offered by
Aya Caspi
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This program is designed to integrate the consciousness and practice of nonviolence and weave them deeply into the way we each show up in our lives, in our relationships, in our community and in the world. 

The Vision: of this program is to support the transition to a nonviolent world where people know how to collaborate with each other in order to care for the whole of life. The invitation is to commit to nonviolence as the guiding force behind everything we say and do, in all our relationships and work in the world.

The Practice: Embodying NVC consciousness and principles in all aspects of our lives, relying on support from beloved community and reclaiming interdependence. You will increase your capacity to apply this commitment in all contexts of life. In each and every lab we will focus on practical ways to close the gap between where we are and where we want to be, so we can accelerate our movement towards the world of our dreams, as individuals and as a collective.

Our meetings together will become learning labs, where we use live challenges that emerge from the group to stretch beyond our comfort zone and and implement theoretical NVC principles into practice.

Through real life situations, we will explore the interdependent relationship between self love and love for others and focus on the critical skills we need to integrate in holding both at the same time, modeling peace making consciousness in action.

Personal coaching will be offered to participants to support them in growing their influence by living nonviolently ever more fully.

Some of the critical skills we will introduce and practice:

  • Choosing empathy as a core response - discerning between empathic reflection, empathetic expression and empathic action.
  • Speaking our truth without blaming, shaming, threatening or guilt tripping (taking 100% responsibility for our experience). 
  • Explicitly owning our perceptions, interpretations and evaluations when speaking.
  • Maintaining and cultivating togetherness by integrating connection requests into our expression.
  • Consciously choosing to hear, the 'please' behind every demand/threat, the vulnerability behind every judgment, and the unspoken feelings, needs and requests in people's expressions.
  • Reclaiming our natural generosity by cultivating an inner 'Yes!' towards people and life.
  • Opening our hearts to the impact of our 'No' 
  • Holding others choice, even when they don't seem to be able to hold it themselves (especially when there are power differences)
  • Including others in decisions that are affecting them.
  • Attending to the gap between our intention and the effect on others.
  • Explicitly expressing our mourning to the others when we contribute to unmet needs.
  • Taking actions to repair trust when broken by prioritizing the needs of the other person.
  • Not taking 'yes' for an answer when we sense less then a full yes.
  • Letting go of attachment to getting what we need, while powerfully asking for it.
  • Delivering care without agreeing.
  • Owning our limitations and clearly communicating them.
  • Giving and receiving feedback. 
  • Making and changing agreements with care.
  • Appreciating, celebrating and expressing our gratitude to others.