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Empowerment and Connection: Explore Nonviolent Communication in New Mexico This Fall

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The upcoming International Intensive Training in Nonviolent Communication, set for September 2024 in New Mexico, USA, focuses on empowering individuals to embrace peaceful communication strategies. Trainer Olga Belogrivtseva emphasizes the need to reduce hate and violence, advocating for collective responsibility in fostering open relationships. Another trainer, Karen Starz, introduces an exercise to help distinguish between "Jackal" (critical) and "Giraffe" (empathetic) communication styles. Additionally, Sylvie Hörning recommends a simple gratitude exercise to strengthen self-connection. Early registration discounts are available until April 23, 2024, with a special Q&A session scheduled for April 21, 2024. The program also offers additional trainings globally, including in Germany and China, with respective early bird discounts. Members of the Center for Nonviolent Communication benefit from an extensive video library and tuition discounts after six months.

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