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NVC 6. Development of Teaching Approach and Lingo

Alex Censor, Holley Humphrey, Rita Herzog, Sylvia Haskvitz, Towe Widstrand - Length: 28m - English
Topic Areas: Conflict Resolution, Counseling & Coaching, Education, Facilitation, General, Health & Healing, Mind-Body-Spirit, Social Change

This video explores the evolution of Marshall Rosenberg's teaching approach and terminology in Nonviolent Communication . Initially referring to NVC as a model, Rosenberg shifted to calling it a process to emphasize its dynamic and fluid nature. The development of key concepts like needs, wishes, and the language used to express them is discussed, highlighting the transition from static models to a more vibrant, life-affirming process. Contributors reflect on their journey with NVC, sharing personal insights and the impactful use of metaphors, such as the giraffe and jackal, to embody NVC principles in teaching and learning. Contributors: Holley Humphrey, Towe Widstrand, Rita Herzog, Alex Censor, Sylvia Haskvitz.