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NVC 5. Marshall's Way of Teaching

Alex Censor, Christa Morf, Holley Humphrey, Marcelline Brogli, Sylvia Haskvitz, Towe Widstrand - Length: 14m - English
Topic Areas: Conflict Resolution, Counseling & Coaching, Education, Facilitation, General, Health & Healing, Mind-Body-Spirit, Social Change

This video highlights Marshall Rosenberg's unique approach to teaching Nonviolent Communication , emphasizing the importance of connecting from the heart and understanding beyond the four steps. It showcases anecdotes demonstrating Marshall's innovative teaching methods, his use of metaphors, and his focus on empathy and connection. Through stories of role-playing, the power of empathy in healing deep wounds, and Marshall's intuitive understanding of human needs, this transcript captures the essence of NVC as a tool for genuine human connection and transformation. Contributors: Marcelline Brogli, Towe Widstrand, Holley Humphrey, Alex Censor, Sylvia Haskvitz, Christa Morf.