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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

The Journey Toward NVC Certification (JTNC)

NVC training pod – JTNC 4th group

By: Kirsten Kristensen

AUDIENCE: advanced

Thursday, Sep 05, 2024 5:00 PM —
Thursday, Feb 19, 2026 8:00 PM
Recurring event
Timezone: Europe/Copenhagen

This program is a fully online 18 month program offered by LIVKOM. The programs curriculum is broken down into three six-month semesters:

1) From learning and knowing the elements of NVC, to integrating and living NVC
2) From living NVC in all my thinking, speaking and acting in daily life, to sharing NVC with others
3) Sharing NVC with others while caring for own resources, and continue learning in a warm, supportive community.

It will cover a majority of what current CNVC certification candidates need to learn on their path toward certification. We will meet twice a month for 3 hours and the next group begins 5th September 2024.

If you have questions, please check our Q & A


Intentions for the Program

This is for everyone who wants to learn, live and share NVC including those who would like support along the path towards certification with CNVC.
We will weave together the suggested learnings of the Certification Preparation Packet – CPP with the learning needs of the participants in the program – to embody a partnership paradigm of learning.
We encourage participants to start sharing NVC while taking this program and the third semester will include mentorship and support in this area.


  • Business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • General
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
  • Social Change
This training will support you in getting ready for pre-assessment and to dive deeper into topics in the CPP that are of special interest to you.