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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

The Empathic Leader 12 week Programme

An immersive, practical experience to create the impact you wish and live your values as a leader

By Nati Beltran


Friday, Oct 13, 2023 3:00 PM —
Friday, Jan 12, 2024 4:30 PM
United Kingdom
Recurring event
Timezone: Europe/London

In this 12- week programme we will explore and practice the qualities and skills of nonviolent, empathic leadership. How can you leverage your influence empathically? Learn tools to bring the human touch to your leadership and create more connection. Motivate people from their willingness and eagerness to contribute. Align with your deep values and purpose and create more positive impact in the world.

Empathy has been drawing much attention lately as a key skill in effective leadership and thriving workplaces. Being empathic is a human ability that we all have access to. However, relating and communicating with empathy and fostering collaboration effectively are skills that need to be honed and  improved through deliberate practice.


In this workshop you will join other managers and leaders who are driven by purpose and a vision to make a positive change in the world. Through the weeks, we will create a learning community to integrate the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as applied to the workplace and to leading teams of people or leading change in organisations. Together, we will explore how to bring more empathy to your unique and authentic leadership style. We will use the tools and principles from NVC to investigate our communication and our relationships, the values that are important to us in leadership and what our deep motivators are. We will also analyse what our difficulties in relating to and communicating with others, and explore ways to move forward.

We will meet once a week for 12 weeks for live sessions (plus one hour of practice with a buddy between classes in your own time). In this time, we will explore, discuss, practice new communication skills, look honestly at ourselves, learn to give and receive feedback with more effectiveness and more empathy, find out how to to handle difficult conversations without losing connection. We will inquire into the power we have and how we are using it…

Above all, I hope that I can support you in reviewing your mindsets around relating and communicating, and that practicing NVC  can help you shed habits that don’t work or impede good communication and relationships. Through the course you will be gathering a toolkit of  “empathic skills” to feel that you are working more in alignment with your deeply held values and bringing out the best in people,  supporting others and your organisation or business to do the same.


This course has a strong component of practice. Prepare yourself for an immersion experience in a new way of looking at people and relationships. In the live calls there will be some theoretical presentation and a lot of group practice and coaching. We will meet for 12 live calls. You get 3 individualised one to one coaching sessions with me to help you customise the material to your particular circumstances and needs.


I am passionate about helping leaders learn to have a gentler touch with people and with themselves, as they continue their work of making positive changes in the world. I have personally experienced how my ability to hold myself and others with empathy is the difference between succumbing to aggressive ways of doing business or transforming them into shared understanding and co-amazing collaboration.

I hold a Masters in Neuroscience, a Batchelor’s in Physics and a Masters in Montessori Leadership and Education. I am currently researching the role of emotions in how the brain processes language and regulates emotional states. I have been a Montessori teacher and love person-centered approaches to learning and inspiring others. I believe that, together, we can create sustainable change through a path of integrity with our values and to create a world that is respectful to the needs of all life.


  • Leadership (including organizational culture and executive coaching)
Changing the world one conversation at a time.