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From our CNVC Certified Trainers
In person

Stepping Stones

A unique combination of mentoring and training towards Certification in Nonviolent Communication

By Shona Cameron, Ania Mills

AUDIENCE: advanced

Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023 12:00 PM —
Friday, Oct 27, 2023 12:00 PM
English, Polish
Timezone: Europe/Warsaw

​The English Speaking European Assessor Team welcomes you to:

Stepping Stones


with Shona Cameron and Ania Mills

Our purpose in offering Stepping Stone events:-

  • In-depth learning and practice of NVC,  for your integration of skills and knowledge
  • To increase clarity about the requests for the portfolio and the final assessment
  • To create awareness of and support for growth in your learning edges
  • To give and receive feedback in a partnership paradigm
  • To meet and know each other as assessors and candidates
  • To support a sense of belonging to a ‘journey of giraffes*

Venue: Perła Leśna


Come together in a safe space and build on your NVC trainer skills.

A unique combination of mentoring and training towards 

Certification in Nonviolent Communication


Possible subjects to cover developed in co-creation  with participants:

Empathic listening
What is emotional safety?
Responding to challenging questions when sharing NVC 
Aspects of the assessment for preparation and to explore your readiness
Enemy images transformation, with support from experienced trainers

Price: Tuition fee: a range from 250€ to 700€ + Accommodation 455€

For: anyone sharing NVC: CNVC Certification Candidates, other

NVC trainers or those curious about living and sharing NVC

(Minimum of 20 training days).

Questions re venue and logistics? Please contact Ola: (+48 504 254 654)

Questions about registration? email Amy: amy8dyer @

For enquiries about content reach out to Ania or Shona 

Final Assessment events can be found here.


  • General NVC
*A 'journey' of Giraffe's is the collective noun for a group giraffes that travel together across the savannah