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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

Level 1: Foundation Training in NVC

By Ceri Buckmaster

AUDIENCE: beginner

Monday, Nov 06, 2023 6:30 PM —
Monday, Dec 04, 2023 12:00 PM
Recurring event
Timezone: Europe/London

This Foundation Training in NVC will cover the core components and practices of NVC

This training will give you the tools to approach everything as a collaboration by holding both your own needs and the needs of the other, for more lasting change. 
Nonviolent Communication is a 'power-with' communication practice about and it means working towards win-win strategies. 
We will explore Needs vs strategies, Feelings, Observations and Requests.

We will learn self empathy and self connection practices.

We will learn how to expand your listening skills, particularly in difficult situations.

All of the above will give you skills in conflict de-escalation

This training is a mixture of Presentation, small group, large group debrief and discussion – it's highly practical.


Important: Here is some information about money which I hope you will find useful.


Here is a non-directive, suggestion for how to approach the payment options


NVC Level 1 FT Oak option - £150.00

 (lower income option)

NVC Level 1 FT Cedar Option - £200.00

 (lower-mid income option)

NVC Level 1 FT Willow Option - £275.00

(middle income option)

NVC Level 1 FT Cherry Option - £350.00

(If you have a Comfortable lifestyle, regularly paying a similar amount for course, OR if an employer is paying for this course.)




You can choose to:

·       pay up front

·       or pay in 2 installments (50% now and 50% 14 days before the start of the training)


What to do:

Select the price range you want to pay and then on the next screen you will be able to choose whether to pay all up front or in two installment.


If you cannot pay any of these options suggested here:

·       Please get in touch to tell me what works for you  

·       then I’ll give you a discount code so you can pay what is affordable for you.

·       once I’ve given you a discount code, please select the lowest price ticket

·       then enter the discount code on the next screen that you come to.

·       you will then have the option to pay the discounted price in 2 instalments.




Rationale about money:


I work with an appreciation of everyone (unfortunately) having different needs around money. 

It's important to me:

1) that this training is financially accessible for everyone and that your needs arounds sustainability are acknowledged
2) that my energy and work is valued, and my needs for sustainability are acknowledged.
3) that the energy and work of other NVC trainers offering similar trainings is valued and their needs for sustainability are acknowledged. (I don't want you to choose my training only because this approach to money enables you to 'pay less'' than what other trainers are asking.)
I have worked in this way since 2015 and have found that participants enjoy the option to choose how much they want to pay, that it builds trust and connection. From my perspective, quite magically, I have always received an amount that makes it sustainable for me to put on these trainings.



If you regularly pay for personal development or travel regularly, please contribute something near to what you might pay for a similar course. Of course, sometimes you can’t or there are other needs you have which mean you don’t want to. In the case of uncertainty, please communicate with me. However, I’m not asking anyone to justify their choices to me.




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