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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

Intermediate Course

Make NVC become a fluid language

By Yoram Mosenzon


Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023 6:30 PM —
Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023 9:30 PM
Recurring event
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam

The Intermediate Course is designed to support you in deepening into NVC and making it become a fluid language. A language you can use in millions of everyday life situations to transform conflicts and turn misunderstandings into moments of connection and cooperation – For me NVC is not a theory:
I want to embody and live it; NVC is a paradigm shift, a profound change in the way I learn to think and relate to myself and others.
It’s very hard to learn NVC alone. We live in a ‘Jackal educated society’, so it makes sense that to live NVC consciousness at home and work is highly challenging and we need support. This course is designed to help us grow together as a community of Giraffes. To support each other in living, learning and embodying NVC both inside and outside of class.
We will address topics such as:

❀  The Dilemma of Honesty – Peeling the Onion toward Vulnerable Honesty

❀  Refining Empathy – Bridging Guesses, Juicing the Needs and more

❀  Liberating from Guilt – a core confusion that leads to tragic actions.

❀  Connecting Beyond (differences in) Opinions

❀  How to enjoy when people complain (even about us)

❀  The Art of Being Torn – how to make decisions that include all the many parts within us

❀  The Beauty of the Need – deepening into the core essence of NVC

❀  Celebration & Mourning as an art of living

❀  Healing Dialogues – transforming hurt and building trust.

❀  Moving from demand energy

❀  Expressing No in Giraffe (and staying alive)

❀  And more…


  • Conflict Transformation
  • Family and Interpersonal Relationships
  • General NVC
  • Social Change
  • Spirituality and Inner Work