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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence

By: Mary Mackenzie

AUDIENCE: advanced

Thursday, Sep 19, 2024 12:00 PM —
Thursday, Nov 21, 2024 2:00 PM
Recurring event
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

This is a 10-week course intended for those wanting to improve their facilitation skills.

This course is aimed at NVC enthusiasts who are:

  • already facilitating their own NVC group and would like to improve their skills
  • thinking of starting their own NVC group and would like some practical guidance before they start

While much of the content is aimed at facilitating an NVC group, it would also support anyone that finds themselves in a facilitator's role in other fields. 

Improving your facilitation skills could help you:

  • confidently share NVC in a way that keeps students engaged, intrigued and keen to keep practicing
  • create a safe space for your group members to learn
  • enjoy the challenge of helping others learn and live NVC
  • deepen your own understanding of the concept you are sharing

However, when people first set out to facilitate their own NVC group, they often feel:

  • doubtful of their ability to facilitate a group
  • confused about how to keep track of who has shared
  • anxious because they aren’t prepared with a topic
  • puzzled at how to embody NVC while leading a group

They might have questions like: 

❓My group tends to get dominated by one or two people — how can I make sure everyone has the chance to share?
❓I know what topic I want to focus on — how do I turn that into a practice exercise? 
❓How do I structure my sessions so I can share my knowledge while still leaving room to flex?
❓How can I keep us on track, so we can cover the planned materials?
❓How can I keep my sessions engaging week-to-week?
❓What can I do when something in the session triggers ill feelings in me?
❓How can I respond when people don’t agree with what I’m sharing?
❓How do I know when it’s appropriate to interrupt someone? Or point out when they could improve their NVC skills in what they’ve just said?
❓How do I explain what I do to those curious about it?

When you combine your NVC practice with some knowledge about facilitation and tips to help you prepare, running an NVC group can be a truly fulfilling and FUN experience. 

Over 10 information-packed yet spacious sessions, you can expect to hear about: 

✔️ what the facilitator’s role is so you know what to do
✔️ creating a sense of safety in your groups so participants feel comfortable to speak up
✔️ creating a welcoming workshop space to help participants feel at ease from the moment they walk into the room
✔️ improving your tracking skills so everyone has a chance to be heard (with a 2-page download)
✔️ 12-step guide to creating a winning workshop outline - plus you’ll create one during a session using Mary’s template
✔️ Mary’s favorite strategies for balancing all needs: yours, individual members, and the group as a whole
✔️ an 8-step process to develop compelling teaching activities to help keep your participants interested - plus you’ll create one during a session using Mary’s template
✔️ how to keep sessions engaging so participants stay interested
✔️ dealing with your triggers so you can stay focussed on the session 
✔️ three simple self-empathy methods to help you connect to what is going on for you as you lead your own group sessions
✔️ 7 tips for responding to non-believers and hecklers to help you stay peaceful amidst potential conflict
✔️ 9 tips for deciding when to interrupt to help participants fine tune their NVC skills
✔️ promoting your work so you can increase your earning potential 
✔️ deciding how much to charge and whether to give discounts
✔️ how to use transparency to increase connection and trust
✔️ Mary’s top 12 tips for hosting engaging online courses
Mary provides a printable set of notes to accompany each session.

This is a longer version of Mary’s 4-week introduction to facilitation. If you are looking for something to help you get started more quickly, you might wish to consider Mary’s shorter course.

Reasons to learn with Mary

With over 20 years NVC practice and even more years of facilitation experience, Mary can draw on real life examples that bring her teachings to life. 

While Mary has a clear itinerary for each session, it’s likely you’ll learn twice as much just by watching her facilitate. This course is more than the list above - Mary shares her facilitating methodologies as she’s using them! 

You’ll witness her in-the-moment facilitation techniques as she explains how the particular question she’s just asked the group will build a sense of safety, or why this check in question suits the needs arising this week, and why she asked a different one last week. She’ll demonstrate how to help quieter members of a group share, and her transparency about when she’s being transparent will bring the theory of transparency to life.  

Testimonials from past students of this course: 

“Part of the magic of Mary’s course on Facilitating Workshops is that she models her teachings…with Mary, you’ll get the benefit of her decades-long online training experience!” Nancy, 2022

When I signed up for this class, I had the willingness to start sharing NVC but I wasn't feeling ready to. I'm celebrating that I'm going to start teaching NVC next week.” Fumiko, 2022

“I've felt more empowered since your class.“ Akil, 2022

“I’ve learned how to organize and prepare everything I need for different kinds of workshops and practices, taking care of all details; and also how to prepare myself for the interactions with presence, self-connection, connection to others and care for the whole. I feel safer and more confident, and I take with me all the support I’ve received from Mary.” Renata. 2022

“Each week, I’m blown away and excited from the discussion in the class.” Chris, 2020

“I'm loving your anecdotes, examples and how you explain why you're doing things a certain way at certain times during the session.” Victoria, 2019


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