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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

A Healing Circle: Embodying Wholeness in Relation

A Healing Circle for Women / Femmes

By: Rhonda Mills


Monday, Feb 19, 2024 10:30 AM —
Monday, May 13, 2024 12:30 PM
United States
Recurring event
Timezone: America/Chicago

You are invited to join a circle of women / femmes: A “we space” where resilience blooms.  A circle for compassionate connection, contemplation, insight, and creativity.  

We will cultivate embodied presence in movement, reflection, music, journaling, relational practices, and inner stillness. Together we will sense, feel, discover and open our creative channels.  In each session, there will be space to connect, to reflect, to explore, to share and to witness what emerges. 

  • ​You will be guided in different modalities to support you. The course will have a structure and will also be emerging from the group field.     
  • Learn to witness and deepen your ability to listen.
  • Increase your emotional and social resilience.
  • Experience community in facing what life brings.
  • Inhabit your body, and align with your body's wisdom and pace.  
  • Have space to be heard and practice presence together.
  • Gain practices and skills to improve your self-care and resilience.


  • The circle gatherings will be online via zoom.
  • The group size will be limited so we can fit onto one page on zoom (if you are participating on your laptop.)
  • The 7 session course will be in English, every week with for two hours each session.
  • All sessions will be recorded.
  • Please plan to attend live and in person.  
  • All gatherings will take place on Wednesdays, at 11:00am CT / 6:00pm CET, for 2 hours.  

June 19 / June 26 / July 3 / July 10 / July 17 / July 24 / July 31

When you register, the zoom link for the gatherings will be provided.  Included in your registration is access to a messaging app for circle members to share insights and resources, and connect between gatherings.  

Register for a *no charge* introductory circle on June 5

Registration: Sliding Scale options. 
Visit website for details:


  • Health & Healing
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
Our wants, needs, motivations and callings express our sacred life force. Responding to the life flowing through us re-connects us with our creativity and empowers us to bring ourselves and our gifts fully into our relationships and world.