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From our CNVC Certified Trainers
In person

A deep journey from Demand to Request

Being me loving you

By Yoram Mosenzon

AUDIENCE: intermediate

Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 12:00 PM —
Sunday, Nov 12, 2023 12:00 PM
English, Turkish
Sirince Mahallesi, Kayserkaya Sokak No:20, Selcuk, Izmir, 35290, Turkey

Working as a mediator, I see it over and over again that the number one killer of relationships is ‘demand’, when 1 is not open to hearing a NO. I see it between partners, lovers, parents and children, friends, and family.

I often see people falling in love, having shiny  excited eyes in the first three months: Their new partner is a gift to their life. Yet, after a few months, I noticed that some ‘gray-ness’ is replacing the shininess in the eyes… Demand is often sitting hidden at the depth of this dynamic, as it touches a core essence:
When my NO is not received, deeply, it means: I can’t be fully me with you. if I can’t be fully me, then there is no one here to love you.

In this weekend, we might touch up on the following themes:
❀ How to be truly open to receiving a NO?
What really is the difference between a request and a demand, and how to embody and manifested this clarity also in challenging situations with the people we love the most?

❀ How to ‘Mourn my favorite strategy’? And what ‘Mourning’ really means…?

❀ How to deal with my own painful stories (‘rejection stories’ and ‘desperation stories)? How to connect with and live in ‘reality as reality is’, as different to living in ’stories’? How to meet each other in reality?

❀ How to deal with uncomfortable emotions such as: Anger, frustration and hurt?

❀ Why moving to ‘Request energy’ is one of the most precious keys in Intimate relationships (or in other words: how to create the atmosphere where you can be YOU when you are with me, and I can be ME when I am with you)

❀ How to navigate a dialogue (and how to stay uncompromisingly ME) when people are demanding from me? how to ‘make my baby need safe’ so that I don’t need to ever betray myself?

❀ etc. etc.


  • Conflict Transformation
  • Family and Interpersonal Relationships
  • General NVC
  • Leadership (including organizational culture and executive coaching)
  • Social Change
  • Spirituality and Inner Work