Hudson Valley NVC Practice Group (Intermediate/Advanced)

About The Group - This is a self-directed intermediate/advanced practice group (minimum of 20 training hours). The evenings will be facilitated by Thom, based on the interest and input of the participants. Possible Topics: -Distinguishing & Translating "should/shouldn't" Thinking -Deep Empathy -Deep Self-Empathy -NVC Coaching -Embodying Needs -Campaigns -Dialog Role plays -Belief Work, Life Sentences -Deep Feeling Meditation -Street Giraffe -Surfing Intensity -Screaming in Giraffe -“Hot Seat” About Thom: As a writer, teacher, speaker and coach, Thom combines 27 years of training experience with 11 years of passion and knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). He offers a practical, understandable and humorous, approach for NVC learning and integration. He is the Executive Director of The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication and the author and/or facilitator of: First Mondays - A tradition of free NVC intro's and workshops on the first Monday of every month since 2002. 64 Days of Peace - A free online NVC curricullum. The Exercise - The first online NVC exercise with over 40,000 participants to date. The Compassion Course - An international NVC training with over 500 participants throughout the world. He is also a member of the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations and a member of the 2012 CNVC IIT training team. What People Say: "Thom once explained to us that 'to make big changes in our lives we need big clarity'. Nonviolent Communication gets me clear on what it is that I want, and why. What it is that I believe, and why. With such clarity I now act with more assurance, and have more definition, purpose, and love in my life." " changing, revolutionary, hilarious... Please accept our hugest THANK YOU for the alchemy you've catalyzed in our staff."--Vivian Lehrer Stadlin, Eden Village Camp, Putnam Valley, NY "Thom normalizes NVC. He shows it's possible to do in everyday life."--Mike M. "Working with Thom has changed my life. Really." --Nellie B.
Meeting Times: 
Wed, Apr 25, 2012 — 9 week practice group runs 4/25-6/27 (no group on 5/9) - each Wednesday 7-9:15p — Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
Contact Information: 
Please contact Kumari at: / 646.201.9226


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